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YAXCHE WELLNESS // wisdom of the leaves

If you make a ritual of sitting with your tea, much can be heard. Find time to sit with yourself to hear yourself + the wisdom that rises as the steam hits the leaves.

Between sips let the wisdom come as it suggests to take good care of yourself + know that you deserve love + honesty. Remember to love deeply, trust, believe in yourself + when you walk away never turn your back on anything or anyone instead,  make peace with all that does not work out + realize that it will bring you closer to what is next, what is right. Memories are beautiful + they are what hold your history, your story,  as well as the foundation for your future. Live fully in the moment + do not regret anything. Speak your mind so it can be heard. Find people who understand, love + appreciate you. Never back down from something that you feel strongly in your heart + listen to your heart, always. Please no matter what, don't expect anything less than everything.

Make your own magic because your magic is not like anyone else's MAGIC.

Go find something that intrigues, fascinates + inspires you. Find something, someone or someplace that captures your interest + enthusiasm. In other words...go get lost + find something that makes you happy. Life is short so don't wait to live your life, really live your life. Go just beyond your limits because that's where life truly happens. Don't be held back by what you mistakenly think might be impossible. Just beyond your limits, everything is possible.

.And, then the thought that, there are tiny miracles happening at every moment of every single day. Something to the thought that as soon as you change your perspective on how you see things, the things you see change. If you begin to see everything as a miracle, no matter what life presents, you will be prepared + appreciative.  Keep your expectations high + seek them out,  the tiny miracles...they are everywhere.

Stay inspired.

And always remember that things happen in life to call you to grow- urge you to be brave + dare you  to be wild at heart. That does not mean to be reckless or act without hesitation but rather, to constantly be focused on the growth...your growth. Sometimes it means taking a chance + with chance comes the potential for pain. Wait for the retrospect, it will arrive + with it the purpose will reveal itself. Remember, the only way to grow is to change + the only way to change is to be open to the let it happen + let it go.

Go chase the mystery, go chase the light.


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