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YAXCHE WELLNESS // get some sleep.

After a long day our central nervous system is usually a little worked up. Then by no fault of our own we are in the habit of going on the computer, phone or watching TV which furthers the overload on our nerves + senses.

Before you know it you put your head on the pillow + your mind just won't shut off. What if we told you we could help flip the off switch. Sounds good right ? Enter our favorite way to relax - nervines aka herbs that work on calming your nervous system. Truly essential not only at night but at all points during the day. By gently relaxing your nervous system throughout the day + shortly before bed with healing, mellow herbs + teas you have a much higher chance of falling asleep + staying asleep. Instead of tossing + turning or taking sleeping aids to fall asleep we have had great luck + are in LOVE integrating nervines to ensure a restful slumber. Allowing you to wake easier feeling restored + ready for whatever the world has got in store for the day.

With that in mind we created teas to target relaxation + sleep —

Our favorite YAXCHE Teas to relax —

These teas are the perfect companion throughout the day + into the evening. They allow you to gently take the edge off, unwind + ease tension.





We have spent years researching, testing, tasting + creating with some of our favorite nervine herbs. Carefully integrating them into our teas to help you chill, think with a more clear mind + feel more balanced + relaxed.






Our favorite YAXCHE Teas to sleep—

Sleep comes easier to some, comes easier at different points in life but at one time or another we all suffer from a bought of insomnia or a restless evening + groggy morning. We have created sleep teas to target what keeps people awake. Our most popular blends are very much worth a try -



But not all herbs are a hit + if they miss let us custom blend you a sleep tea to target your individual sleep issues. Simply purchase a YAXCHE Custom Blend online + let us know at checkout you want us to work our magic for sleep. We will contact you for a consult to see if we can pinpoint what it is that is keeping you awake. We are living in crazy times, proper hydration + sleep are imperative to be able to accomplish all you are meant to do.

// Let your mind + body rest- you deserve it.
Everything always looks brighter on the other side of the night.//

And it's not just what you consume that makes for a good night of rest. You need to set the scene as the night goes on- for us not eating too late in the evening, creating a nurturing environment including scented candles that inspire relaxation, disconnecting from the news, blue screens + chaos. Taking a few minutes to think about or write down what we are grateful for from the day + setting the temperature in the room cool enough so that your body can relax are all tops on our sleep list. And, try to remember that overnight there is not much you can do to change a situation or the stress that is keeping you up. Let your body rest, you deserve it. Whatever is keeping you awake will be there in the morning to tackle. Take a load off + let your mind + body rest. Everything always looks brighter on the other side of the night.

Visit the TEA SELECTION section of our site explore all of our favourite YAXCHE Tea blends + EMPORIUM GOODS to set a bedtime ritual that gets you off to bed one sweet dream at a time.


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