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B WELL // in the quest to feel our best keeping our vitamin levels up is imperative. Proper B vitamin levels are so important in making sure the body's cells are functioning properly. But, it is not as easy as it once was to get our vitamins from our food. Chemicals, pollution, the decline of the nutrients in our soil have made it extremely difficult to properly absorb the vitamins we need leaving us with - low energy, feeling depleted experiencing more mood swings, issues sleeping + sometimes wondering why we don't feel like ourselves.

B vitamins are a powerhouse + so very important + most people don't even know they are deficient in them. And in this day + age with viruses, pathogens + our bodies on high alert proper B vitamin levels are a must. Not only do they help the body convert food into energy to keep the metabolism running, they create new blood cells, they maintain healthy skin cells, brain cells + other body tissues - in other words they keep the body moving, thinking, doing + being.

Available from plants and animals when the source is not modified - vitamin B is a group of eight vitamins referred to as "vitamin B complex". And, as we are each complex beings it is a must to monitor your levels, supplement + stay on top of your B vitamins to be well.

We love turning to nature's bounty of herbs + plants to amp up our YAXCHE teas to guarantee each cup is helping to support your mind + body with vitamin rich goodness in each sip. After years of trial + error we have rounded up a group of herbs + teas that truly help support you be the best version of yourself.

Some of our favorites are —

Dandelion — dandelion flushes the kidneys. It also helps to relieve digestive problems and high blood pressure. Dandelion contains not only the vitamin B complex, but also vitamins A, C and D

Our favorite YAXCHE blends with Dandelion —



Peppermint — treats digestive problems, skin irritations, headaches, colds and the flu. Peppermint almost has the complete vitamin B complex.

Our favorite YAXCHE blends with peppermint —





Lemongrass — in alternative medicine, lemongrass is recommended for gastrointestinal problems, soothe sore throats and relieve bronchitis symptoms. lemongrass is the source of B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6 and B-9. It also provides the antioxidants vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and zinc

Our favorite YAXCHE blends with lemongrass —



No doubt it is all the tiny habits we continually do that make the difference in who we are, how we feel + what we can accomplish - let us help you fill your cup as you sip your way to feeling your best. Visit the TEA SELECTION page of the site to see our favourite vitamin rich blends. Here’s to good health one sip at a time.


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