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We are YAXCHE®TEAROOM + EMPORIUM (pronounced yaa-chee). We are a brand built on integrity, ingenuity + community. Named after the Yaxche tree that grows right outside the front door of our flagship store.


The Yaxche tree in the Mayan tradition is the most symbolic tree of life + the place where all joyous people come to be together. It is also the place where the earthly, heavenly + spirit worlds all come together for one perfect moment...the beginning + end of everything. We honor the magnificence of Mother Nature + the mystery of the universe.We believe in taking risks because it is only when you step to the edge that you see all the beauty you can't see when you play it safe. 

We don't play it safe. LIFE IS MEANT TO BE FULLY LIVED + you can find us right on the edge where all the MAGIC HAPPENS.

We offer a one of a kind experience that ignites all the senses. Our flagship YAXCHE TEAROOM + EMPORIUM is a one stop to nourish you, nurture you + inspire you to get out there + do great things. 

We donate a portion of all proceeds in the pursuit of pure water for the planet + we make every drink with our trademarked GOODWATER. The only water certified as pure in the whole world. The first of our machines was placed in the White House + is still presently there. We also proudly sell GOODWATER by the gallon.

At YAXCHE TEAROOM + EMPORIUM our mission is to find the perfect balance of local and global, remain eco-conscious, sustainable + never stray from our grounded goal + commitment to provide an environment, products + energy that vibrates higher. You deserve the best of everything + we aim to inspire you to go get it. 

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Quetzalcóatl or the serpent bird God in the Mayan tradition represents the awakened evolutionary consciousness. The God of the morning + evening star. The creator of earth + sky, sun + moon. Depicted on each YAXCHE zero waste tea tin. A reminder of our own individual innate power. The person who awakens this energy within themselves is believed to be a living manifestation of the divine.

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