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G O O D W A T E R 


Providing lasting water solutions for The community + the world

We have built our entire mission at YAXCHE Tearoom + Emporium on the foundation of our greatest work- WATER. With an eye on innovation, education + donation towards the ultimate goal of providing the world with pure water. We sell, brew + create everything with our trademarked/patented GOODWATER- the only water ever certified as pure by the Department of Defense + Secret Service. After meeting stringent guidelines + testing the first of our machines was placed in the United States White House + is still presently there. Our water is the purest water on the planet, built to protect you, hydrate you + not disrupt your bodies ability to heal + be well. Our greatest goal is to work to preserve the most precious natural resource- safe water for all life on earth. With that in mind we donate a portion of all sales in the pursuit of pure water for the planet on behalf of you.

We invite you to join us in trusting that together we are capable of enacting change, instilling integrity + making a difference. 

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