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And it will be with the curious ones, who step to the edge + take a risk that you will find us with. 

Where does YAXCHE source our teas ? We work with fair trade ethical growers from around the globe. We maintain close relationships which enable us to monitor quality + guarantee authenticity. 

If I see an herbal tea that I would like caffeinated is that possible ? All of our teas are packed to order. We can add a variety of caffeine options to turn your favorite herbal blend into a caffeinated blend to order. 

How is YAXCHE tea sold ? All YAXCHE tea is sold loose leaf in zero waste metal tins. We do not charge for the tins + encourage you to repurpose the tins after your finish your leaves. 

How long does YAXCHE tea last ? There is no simple answer as it depends on the ingredients in the blend including dried fruit, chocolate + spices. We usually say teas retain their freshness between 6 months to a year. Be sure to store your YAXCHE collection in a cool, dry, dark place in air tight containers. They taste so good we imagine you will use it up before you know it anyway.  


How do I steep the perfect cup of YAXCHE tea ? Start with your favorite blend, good intentions + your favorite cup. For brew times, water temperature + tea meausurements check the product page of your particular blend. Once you have that information boil your water. We recommend finding the purest water that you can for optimum taste. Once steeped sweeten, pour over ice if choosing to drink iced + sip away.

I have a different question ? We know you will have other questions + it is our pleasure to help however we can. Should you have other questions or be curious about anything else please email us

 I am looking for a different tea but don't see it on the site ? We carry 120 teas in our shop + if you don't see what you are looking for we can either blend you a custom variety or special order what you are looking for from our netework of growers + blenders. 


In the Mayan tradition in place of letters they use glyphs.  Each letter represented by a glyph is a symbol + together the symbols become art. COMPASSION  spelled out above is part of everything we do at YAXCHE. It is with COMPASSION  for humanity, all sentient beings, plants, animals + the planet that we donate a portion of all proceeds in the pursuit of pure water for the planet.

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