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Your desire can become your destiny...

It doesn't matter if meditation + manifesting is something you have been doing for many years or the practice is new to you- we are all equal in our ability to turn our desires into our destiny.

There is no prejudice when it comes to the universe, although we are all different- we are all the same. And there in lies the beauty of it. No matter how we get there, we all at one time or another find ourselves on the path of our dreams. Some get taken off the path + others travel it uninterrupted but, we all carry our dreams with us along the road. For the bravest ones, they continue to walk towards them-stepping into their dreams no matter how many road blocks they come up against.

If we remember that there is strength that is continually available to each of us if we tap into addition to what the universe has to offer, we have within us what we need to make anything happen- we sometimes forget that. It is safe to say that part of what makes a person successful is being able to visualize what you want,  that + the knowing that it is ok to ask for it. Although sometimes it seems that you ask +  it doesn't show up, know that most things show up right on time + when you need them most...that goes for people, experiences + for wisdom. That does not mean that you should sit back + wait, instead it means that you should have faith in the universe + your own power to manifest what you need, want + deserve in your life.

Letting the universe unfold + work out all the details is where we each need to get to in order to master our dreams + the art of manifesting. Get clear, lean in + let the universe do it's work. Relax your thoughts in order to focus- lean in...

Allow your shoulders to drop, your jaw to unclench + your whole body relax as your mind starts to slow.

Allow your breath to slow + melt into your thoughts. Surrender to the sacred precious present moment. And in the stillness focus on what you want to see happen in your life. Believing in this moment that you are capable, responsible + willing to manifest that which you desire. Remembering that- YOU ARE YOUR DEEPEST DRIVING DESIRE, as is your desire so is your will to manifest that which you see with your mind's eye.

If you feel inclined to lean in to the power of manifesting here is one of our favorite morning guided meditations by Wayne Dyer. Find a comfortable place to sit + go for the life you imagine, the life you create for yourself.


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