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YAXCHE WELLNESS // the wisdom of the leaves

In the constant quest to know more, feel more + understand more believe that wisdom is everywhere- in the breeze that blows through your hair, in the eyes of a stranger + the embrace of a loved one. And each day, it's in the tea leaves in your cup offering wisdom to slowly drink in...

You see you must try with everything you have to trust yourself, believe in yourself + never doubt that anything is possible- everything is possible. Dream bigger + never back down. VIBRATE HIGHER- above anything that does not sit well within your soul...onward + upward you go .


Stay dedicated to leaves + herbs in each cup. Trust that even from the first cup the transfer of energy is taking place. Stay open to the possibility that your transformation is currently unfolding. Live with intention. Live with conviction. LIVE ON PURPOSE. Stop waiting, second guessing. Start doing, being, creating...start living the life you imagine .

Promise to do yourself + those you love a favor...LIVE NOW

Don’t put off starting something new, making a change, taking a stand or listening to your instincts. Please don’t doubt yourself. Tell people you need them, that you love them. Begin where you are or pick back up where you left off. Be grateful + trust this holds all you need + it’s all we can be sure of .

Stay focused on what you want. Never doubt how capable + strong you are. Stay determined + don’t let up on your dreams

Now take another sip, let it instill a sense of calm. And within that calm comes the courage to dream bigger + see the possibility of what could be .



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