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Bring yourself back to yourself...

Never underestimate what a few moments of calm can achieve. When you find yourself in the midst of being overwhelmed or things seem out of balance— Pause, breathe deeply, imagine yourself growing roots into the ground + then breathe again.

Bring yourself back into balance despite anything that is happening around you. This simple reset is invaluable as you move through the day. Although there are many things out of our control, there are so many things within our control. Bring yourself back to yourself— over + over.

We love lighting an incense, candle or sage as a ritual to represent the reset. Lately we are loving our YAXCHE Ritual Rope Incense—these traditional rope incense used by monks in Tibet bring about compassion, inner peace + love. Earthy, sweet + grounding. Take this ritual up a notch by adding your favorite YAXCHE relaxing tea + back to inner balance you go.

Visit the Emporium Goods section of the site to explore our curated collection of favorites to keep the body, mind + soul in balance. With confidence, we believe that it is all the small healthy mindful practices that we do repeatedly that lead to a life well lived.